wasting time (and other productive activities)

haven't been on here in..... whoa now

"I've written pages upon pages trying to rid you from my bones"

I finally broke down and got one. I'm so ashamed of myself...

Has life been as f***ing weird for everyone else recently as it has been for me??

just curious...

ha! you lose!

oh my

oh internet, you make me giggle

"the hypnotized never lie"
gish 2


censoredCollapse )

now that I've gotten that out of my system....

how are all of you happy people?  good?  well fed? etc?

just thought I'd ask...

things have been pretty hectic for the past month or so.  I've had about a billion papers and midterms.  and swine flu.  which was actually more funny than tragic.  I think, perhaps, I had it coming considering all the jokes I kept making about it.  my dad, being the germaphobe he is, just about flipped a shit and kept trying to quarantine me off from the rest of the house.  

yeah, like that was going to help.  I'd only been coughing through the house all fucking fall break.

anywho.  so I basically spent the week watching shitty tv, eating saltines, and being called "swiney" by PJ and Austin.  

all and all, it was a glorious week.  good times were had by all.  oh yay.

so now its back to chapel hill and latin and generally wishing god would be kind, open the skies, and blow up the classics building.  sadly, I don't think that's going to happen...  I guess I'm just going to have to suck it up and wait for thanksgiving break (which is only three days.  what gives??).

its the glasses on glasses that make it for me.


"be still your beating heart, you'll have to keep on feeding it tomorrow"
moore fan
ugh! where has the time gone?!

"tell you what, if I can shake it I'm 'a make this something worth dreaming of"
today has been a strange day.

one of my favorite poems you may peruse at your leisureCollapse )

"I'm a prick when I sin and I know I can't win"
black glasses
wow.  I had kind of abandoned this hadn't I?  for shame....

I don't know.  the summer was busy and... I just can't stand the internet sometimes.  maybe that's weird of me.

I especially have this problem with facebook.  I hate that damn thing.  everyone knows what everyone is doing with the updates and the chatting and the leaving messages on walls and all that shit.

sometimes, I just don't want to be found.  I don't want to fucking chat with zillions of people.

right-o. my rant is


so I spent this past week in Springville, Alabama because my grandmother had to have open heart surgery due to (yet another) stroke.  it was pretty intense.  especially since there were other family members who came and we all had to try and sleep in her absurdly small trailer.  

the thing only has two bedrooms and we had to fit me, mom, PJ, Uncle Hank, David, Aunt Phillis, Aunt Sandie, and Aunt Beth all in there.  Plus Molly Bee (er, that's what I call my grandmother. don't ask..) once she was released from the hospital.

there was also this rad waiter at this Applebees in Trussville who noticed my David Bowie "Man Who Sold the World" shirt and decided to call me Ziggy Stardust for the rest of the evening.

and I saw Orphan with my cousins (HOLY SHIT!! THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH ESTHER! *flees*).

erm... and that was about it.

so yeah, between that and getting shit ready for Chapel Hill this fall things have been way crazy.

okay, random but if I ever lose my leg, I want to have a giant gun leg like Cherry Darling in Planet Terror.  I just think that would kick ass....

hmm...except maybe in more clothing....

that's all I've got for now.


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